Great recruitment assessments = better hiring decisions. Simple.

Psychometric tests for recruitment that reduce cost, complexity and time in your hiring.

Psychometric assessments from entry level to senior management

Understanding a candidate’s preferences and personality is a great way to identify whether they’ll flourish or flop in the role you’re looking to fill. Yet many companies or recruiters only use psychometric assessments for managers and above.

Psychometric assessments for volume recruitment

Why? Because they think it’s too expensive to use tests for volume recruitment. Yet, you spend more money recruiting entry level roles because there are more of them. You also often get higher employee turnover and more manager frustration when you bring in the wrong people.

Supporting candidates with psychometric testing

So why not hire the right candidates from the start?

Psychometric assessments with easy to understand reports

At Great People Inside, we won’t bore you with the science, or insist you buy a 3-day training course (costing thousands) just to help you read the assessment output. Instead, you’ll get valid, reliable reports that are easy to understand and simple to use.

Make better hiring decisions with psychometric assessments

With our assessments, you can spot whether a candidate’s a great fit before you offer them the role, and you know what support they’ll need to hit the ground running.

Great People Inside assessments are:


Use psychometric assessments that are easy to set up, take and interpret


Designed to be used on any device, anytime, anywhere (you just need wi-fi)


Get reports in plain language; no “psychobabble” just straight-forward results


Customisable for any role to measure EXACTLY what matters to you


Use up-to-date technology to minimise cost and reduce administration time

“Our chosen psychometric and personality profiling tool”

“Identifying and selecting the right talent to join our organisation is critical to our success. Ease of use, reliability and the ability to customise profiles around your organisational values led us to Great People Inside which is now our chosen psychometric and personality profiling tool to assess suitability at Management and Executive levels.”

Ben Hooper

Chief People Officer, Doncasters Group

How to use our assessments

Step one

Select the right template for your vacancy and input key details that matter to you.

Step two

Direct your candidate to the assessment link through your company-branded page.

Step three

Receive your report in simple English, together with relevant competency-based questions to help inexperienced interviewers.