About Great People Inside

Effective talent management is crucial for creating competitive advantage.

When you understand how people think, and recognise their natural behaviours, preferences and attitudes in the workplace, you can begin to manage, and measure, performance and potential.

Our vision:

“To empower you and your teams to reach your full potential”.

Our mission:

“To develop and offer the future’s talent and assessment solution – the Cloud-based GR8PI People Intelligence Platform to anyone working with people”.

Psychometric assessments to improve your hiring decisions

Great People Inside started in 2015. A group of psychologists, recruiters and consultants came together to develop the science you need to make great hiring decisions.

They used their combined 200 years of experience in developing and applying assessments across the world to bring you a tool that:

Psychometric assessments from entry level to senior management

Matches people with jobs based on their natural capabilities, supporting better hiring decisions and lower employee turnover

Psychometric assessments from entry level to senior management

Understands the strengths and key development areas of new employees so you can get them up to speed and deliver high performance quickly

Psychometric assessments from entry level to senior management

Highlights key performance drivers and talent development opportunities for your existing workforce

Psychometric assessments from entry level to senior management

Identifies what makes your top performers successful, allowing you to use that data to select the best new candidates for your business


Martin Goodwill has led and developed teams for over 30 years.

Psychometric assessments are a great tool that have helped him learn more about his teams and avoid some terrible hiring decisions. He’s never worked in HR, but people fascinate him and he wants to know how to get the best from them.

For the last 15 years, he’s worked in psychometric businesses. He loves Great People Inside because the assessments are simple, the reports are easy to understand and they’re affordable, even at entry level.

Martin says:

“When you have a recruitment assessment that’s so easy even I can use it, you know you’re on to a winner. It not only helps you to recruit the right people, but you can also support them to prosper when they arrive”.