Frequently Asked Questions

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Costs, contracts and savings

Is it expensive to use psychometric tests for high volume recruitment?

No. Our assessments are cheaper than other suppliers because our technology streamlines the process and reduces the administration required. This makes them affordable for every role, helping you make better hiring decisions and lowering your overall recruitment spend.

How do you charge for your assessments?

Our pricing is simple with only two pricing options to choose from – unlimited use for regular users and pay as you go for occasional users.

How long is the contract?

Unlimited use packages are available as a 1, 2 or 3-year deal. Pay As You Go credits can be bought whenever you need them and have no expiry date.

Is it worth doing recruitment assessments for entry level positions?

Yes. Typically, you’ll have higher turnover for entry level roles and you have more of them. Cost per hire may not seem that high each time, but the overall impact of poor recruitment decisions on the business is huge. Using cost-effective assessments to recruit at all levels reduces employee turnover and overall recruitment spend.

Setting up your assessments

What training do you need to use the Great People Inside assessments?

Unlike other providers, you don’t need to be certified to administer our assessments. You simply need to know how to select, and use, the right template. Our training is free, no matter which pricing option you choose, and you can complete it within two hours.

How much work will this add to the HR/Recruitment team?

Very little. Each assessment template takes just a few minutes to set up once you’ve done your training. Plus, our advanced technology reduces your internal costs by streamlining the work you have to do to use a world-class assessment.

Can you use psychometric assessments to recruit any role at any level?

Yes, you can use them to improve the effectiveness of recruitment for any position. The only difference is what you’ll assess. Our technology is flexible so you can generate assessment templates suitable for shop floor roles right up to Board-level Directors.

Are there limits to the number of questions you can ask?

No. The GPI assessment is designed to be flexible. You can create short, simple assessments for entry-level roles and longer, more-complex assessments for middle and senior management. The decision is yours.

Do recruitment assessments help reduce unconscious bias in hiring?

Yes. Psychometric assessments offer an impartial view on a candidate’s behaviours and cognitive traits, so you can focus interviews on how well they’re likely to perform in the position, regardless of age, race, gender etc.

Psychometric results and reports

Are the reports easy to read?

Yes. Psychometric assessments need to be simple for everyone. Our reports aren’t full of psychobabble. They’re written in plain language that can be understood by HR and recruitment teams, line managers and the candidates themselves.

Can you easily download and print reports?

Yes. Our reports are very accessible. They’re emailed to you directly from our system allowing you to download and print them as needed. You can also log in and view them directly in the GR8PI platform.

Do you get a load of charts and graphs in the report?

No. You just get straight-forward results anyone can read. Take a look at a sample report here.

Technology, security and science

Do you need computer access to complete the assessments?

No, our assessments are designed to be accessible so you can complete them on any device, anywhere, at any time. You just need internet access.

How is the platform hosted and is it secure?

The GR8PI platform is hosted in Germany, where it’s subject to some of the most rigid data protection laws in the world. It conforms to all relevant UK and EU legislation and GPI holds the EU-approved EuroCloud Star Audit certification.

You say the GPI assessments are simple. Are they also valid and reliable?

Yes, all our psychometric assessments meet or exceed the standards set by the British Psychological Society. We’re happy to provide details of the science behind them to confirm their reliability if you’d like to see it. Just ask us.

What benchmarks do you assess candidates against?

We believe the best examples of who you need to recruit can be found inside your organisation. Using profiles from your top performers, you can assess candidates using Job Fit (fit with position, manager and culture) and provide simple reports to managers that talk about skills they value.

Is the platform easy to integrate and customise?

Yes. The platform is flexible and integrates easily with various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). It can also be branded with your own logo and colours. This gives a smooth transition for candidates as it appears as though it’s part of your own internal systems.

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