Recruitment assessment tools – finding the right fit

Any organisation looking to build a high performing team knows that recruitment is a key part of that growth strategy. The problem is that traditional methods of assessing recruitment candidates often fall short in identifying the right fit for the job. 

Gone are the days when CVs, resumes and interviews would ensure that the right hire was taken on board. In 2024 it’s essential to have a more strategic approach to assessing and hiring new recruits. 

In the past, hiring decisions were primarily based on gut feelings and subjective judgments. However, as the workforce landscape has become more diverse and complex, a more data-driven and objective approach has become essential. Recruitment assessment tools have emerged as a solution to this challenge, offering a structured and evidence-based way to evaluate candidates.

The assessment tools used in recruitment encompass a wide range of methods and technologies designed to assess candidates’ skills, knowledge, personality traits, and suitability for a specific role. These tools can include aptitude tests, personality assessments, coding challenges, situational judgment tests, and more. They provide recruiters and hiring managers with valuable insights into a candidate’s abilities and potential fit within the organisation.

Benefits of using recruitment tools

Such tools can help in a number of ways:

  • They allow objective decision making – assessment tools provide objective data, reducing the influence of personal bias in the hiring process.
  • They save time and cost – streamlining the selection process and focusing on candidates with the right qualifications saves time and resources.
  • They improve the quality of hires – assessment tools help identify candidates who are a better fit for the role, leading to more successful hires.
  • They enhance the candidate experience – candidates appreciate a transparent and fair assessment process, which positively impacts your employer brand.
  • They give data-driven insights – by collecting data from assessments you can inform and improve future hiring strategies.

Types of assessment tools to consider

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment assessment tools, as the choice depends on the nature of the job and your organisation’s needs. Some common types of tools include:

  • Psychometric Tests 
    Assess cognitive abilities, personality traits, and behavioural characteristics with customisable psychometric assessment tools.
  • Skills Assessments 
    Evaluate technical skills, such as coding, writing, or language proficiency.
  • Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)
    Present candidates with realistic workplace scenarios to assess their decision-making skills.
  • Behavioural Interviews
    Structured interviews based on specific competencies or past behaviour.
  • Job Simulations
    Candidates perform tasks similar to those required in the role to assess their abilities.

Choosing and implementing the right tools

Consider factors such as the job requirements, industry norms, and the skills and qualities that are crucial for success in the position when choosing your recruitment assessment tools. Work with your hiring team to find the most relevant tools and create a customised assessment process that aligns with your hiring goals.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate assessment tools, start thinking about how  to implement them seamlessly into your recruitment process. Ensure that candidates are informed about the assessment process and its significance in the selection. Train your hiring team to interpret the results effectively and make informed decisions based on the data.

At Great People Inside, our psychometric assessment platform is designed to make the recruitment process simpler, not create more challenges. It can be adapted to suit your exact needs and, we don’t charge for customisation, so it’s more affordable than you might think. You choose what you want to assess and we help you create a benchmark using results from your best employees.

Our reports are written in plain language, so they don’t need to be interpreted by consultants, psychologists or HR professionals. Instead, they can be used by everyone, even line managers who don’t recruit regularly.

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